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An effectively drafted and executed estate plan can usually avoid probate.  But there are circumstances in which probate will be necessary in Utah.  The probate process can be time-consuming and costly.  Utah probate attorney Stephen Howard works with his clients to help them through the probate process as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Whether you need a simple "informal" probate to obtain letters testamentary from the court, or you are involved in a contested estate requiring a more complicated "formal" probate proceeding, we work with you to move the probate process along expeditiously.

Informal probate proceedings in Utah still require the involvement of the court system.  Informal probate typically involves uncontested court actions.  But any probate action will require that certain notice and procedural requirements be met.  Through the informal probate process, the court may appoint a personal representative (sometimes referred to as an executor or administrator) and issue letters testamentary to allow the personal representative to distribute the estate.

If a will is contested or if no will is left, formal probate will be required in Utah.  A formal probate proceeding may require evidentiary hearings or other court proceedings to determine the validity of the will, to identify the lawful heirs, or to appoint a personal representative if there is dispute over who should serve in that role.  

Finding a Probate Attorney in Utah

Stephen Howard is a Utah attorney based in Salt Lake City. He offers probate services to clients in Utah as well as clients in other states who find themselves facing the need to file probate in Utah. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation to determine the most effective way to handle your probate needs.

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