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A well-made Utah estate plan can give you peace of mind and provide a way to protect what matters most to you.  Still, some surveys indicate that a majority of Americans do not even have a will, the most basic estate planning document.  One survey even showed that up to 30% of people with assets over $500,000 admitted that they did not have a will.  A person who dies without a will is considered to have died "intestate."  In such a case, the government will determine who will receive the person's estate, through a formal probate proceeding under the state's intestate succession laws.

There are many sources of pre-printed wills and trusts or free downloadable forms.  But free forms cannot replace competent legal advice in creating a customized estate plan tailored to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

We work with you personally to understand your circumstances.  Then we create an estate plan that meets your individual and family goals, and protects what matters most to you.  Although we believe that personal service is critical in creating an estate plan that meets your needs, we also work hard at keeping the costs of our services reasonable and affordable.

The most basic estate planning tool is a will.  But there are other tools that can accomplish much more than what a will can do alone.  Without proper planning, many estates will require probate.  A revocable trust (sometimes referred to as a living trust) is a simple and effective tool for avoiding probate.  But beyond just avoiding probate, a trust can also help protect your interests while you are alive.  Depending on your circumstances, other estate planning tools may be useful to create a plan that will protect what matters most to you.

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation to learn more about wills, revocable trusts, and other estate planning tools. 

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