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Most people will benefit from estate planning solutions beyond a basic will.  In Utah, simply owning a home or other real estate can mean that a living trust (family trust) should be part of your estate plan.  Second marriages, step-children, a child with special needs, prenuptial agreements, a desire to benefit from charitable giving, and large estates can all require the assistance of an attorney to create an appropriate estate plan tailored to your situation.  Even if you just want more flexibility in your estate plan, or want to reduce the tax burden on your estate, you should consult with an attorney to determine the best estate planning tools to help you accomplish your goals more effectively.

There are many sources of pre-printed or downloadable forms for wills and trusts. Some websites claim that they customize their documents for you. This may mean that they simply insert your name and the name of your children to the appropriate blanks in their forms.  But these websites acknowledge that they cannot guarantee that their forms correctly apply the law to your particular situation.  They also acknowledge that using their website is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.

Don't settle for a set of forms that may not meet your needs or accomplish your goals. Too often, we have had the experience of reviewing a will or trust when it is too late - after a parent, spouse, or family member has died.  Cutting corners by using online forms for a will or trust can end up creating costly problems later on.

If you are going to take the effort to make a will or establish a trust, let us help you create an estate plan that is suited to your specific circumstances.  Our goal is to create sophisticated solutions to your estate planning needs, while still keeping the costs affordable.

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