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Utah Estate Planning and Probate Lawyer in Salt Lake

The focus of our Utah estate planning and probate practice is on the individual. Whether you need an attorney to help draft a will, create a family trust, or file a probate action in the Utah probate courts, we work with you personally to find the best solution to your estate planning and probate needs. We are committed to providing you with only the highest quality legal services available.

No two lives are exactly the same, and your legal needs are as individual as you are. Pre-printed or free downloadable wills or trust forms cannot replace competent legal advice. Estate planning documents that work well in one situation could be disastrous in other circumstances. That’s why our Utah estate planning attorneys will customize an estate plan that is tailored to fit your life, your needs, and your goals. Contact Stephen Howard today to schedule an initial consultation.

Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts Attorney in Utah

The best estate plans help you prepare for the future in a way that will protect what matters most to you. Whether that means ensuring that your children are cared for, preserving your estate to benefit your heirs, or leaving a legacy of charitable giving, we work with you create a custom Utah estate plan designed to meet your individual and family goals.

A basic Utah estate plan should include, at a minimum, a last will and testament (will). But most people will benefit from additional estate planning tools that can accomplish much more than what a will alone can do. We consult with you to help uncover situations you may not have anticipated and options you may not realize are available. Contact us today to learn more about wills, trusts, and powers of attorney in Utah and how a customized estate plan can benefit you and your loved ones.

Utah Probate Attorney in Salt Lake City

Avoiding probate is an important goal in many estate plans. Utah probate proceedings can be time consuming at best. If handled poorly, the probate process can be costly, can be the source of family contention, and can deplete the estate and undermine the deceased's wishes.

A well-made estate plan will usually avoid the probate process entirely, but not always. Certain circumstances may require filing a probate action, even in the best planned estates. The necessity of transferring real property, a contested will, ongoing litigation involving a deceased person, and other sometimes unexpected circumstances may result in a probate action being necessary. Utah's probate courts are also responsible certain matters involving minors and incapacitated adults, such as guardianships or conservatorships.

If you find yourself facing probate in Utah, we work hard to help protect your needs and interests, efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how a Utah probate attorney can help you.
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